Sunday, April 7, 2019

Book Review on Revolt of the Lambren by Manjini Prabhu

“Revolt of the Lamebren” by Manjiri Prabhu is the first book of the series “The Super Dome chronicles” - A dystopian Novel.

About the story:

The story whirls around protagonist Zinna, a Lambren stifled in the world of Super dome with her friends. All Lambren’s are destined to be terminated once they reach the age of 16 years, a rule posed on them by the Altklugs.

Altklugs are born with superlative knowledge and coherent with 6.25 human years in their one year portrays them as a super power.

Unanticipated events, revealing hidden secrets and their impact on Lambrens life are heart drenching.

Who are these Altklugs?  Why they want to destroy Lambrens? What happens next? Will the lamebrens survive this pre destined fate? What part does Zinnia plays to save her friends? Lies the suspense of the story.

About the book:

This is a dystopian Novel and a wonderful work done by the author. The plot of the story is drafted in a very blissful manner that makes the readers intrigued and obliged.

Bravery is a main component that revolves throughout the story. Zinnia, an intelligent girl and her love and affection towards her friends brings warmth among the readers. Unexpected twist and turns filled with joy, anger, authority, slavery etc., drives the story in an energetic way.

This book propels more into scientific knowledge whether it may be a charabanc, or having controlled weather conditions or using advance technology for day today activities makes us awestruck.

Each lambren possesses individual skills yet they need time to develop oneself unlike Altkugs who are more efficient leaves lambren as useless. When it comes to poetry reciting, crafting knowledge gives an added essence and flavour to the story.

The pacing of the story is precise and intact. Language is easy to understand and an unputdownable book with engaging story line. I would like to recommend this book to all readers who loves dystopian based novel.

I am delighted to read this book and expecting the release of the second part of Super Dome chronicles soon.

My rating is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠 for this fantastic novel.

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